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Welcome to the Frontpage

Welcome to the Frontpage

Yes, welcome indeed!

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Greetings to you and thank you for visiting our pages.

The PH & Sons Group of companies were founded the late Pieter H van der Westhuizen and the objective for initiating a group of independant entities rather than a large single undertaking, was to produce a multi-facetted construction group that could and would cover the many disciplines in construction, having some specialised teams that could work in-house as a part of the wide spectrum contract or participate in specialist activity in their own right.

Benefit is twofold as smaller, faster moving teams could complete in cost effective specialist markets but in also being able to sub contract to a group entity working a wide spectrum contract, meant that inflated employee populations would not become burdonsome when work tempo's decreased, seasonally or otherwise.

Pieter (junior) has taken on the responsibility of managing the group and Leonard (twin brother) specialises in procurement activity, nurturing carefully chosenand well suited supplier sourcing and performing project management functions across the entire spectrum.

The founder instituted the entry into the South African market in 2001 and the group as a whole enjoyed exceptional growth, participating in building construction, steel construction and civils undertakings for both public and private sector developments.

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